The congress of 2010 was never elected but appointed by president Marcus Villanova.

Congress make upEdit

On January 17th, 2010 Marcus appointed some of his freinds or scientists of the land to the first Udaho congress and other cabinet postions.

Bills and Amendments passedEdit

In Udaho congress needs:

  • 4 votes to pass a minor law or bill.
  • 5 votes to pass a major law or budget plan.
  • Any plan not with () means it was proposed by the Pesident.

Plan 1: To introduce the USA's bill of Rights as our rights to.

Yea-6 Nea-1(Gerard Byrne)

Plan 2: To become a sovern, independent country


Plan 3: To apot the measure that all people are created equal and should be treated as such. Also imposing that homosexuals are anyone can marry or do anything, in law, and can't be denied because of the race or sex.

Yea-5 Nea-2(Gerard Byrne and Nick Smith the second)

Plan 4: Universal Health care and a social securtiy program in place.

Yea-5 Nea-2(Gerard Byrne and Nick Smith the second)

Plan 5:Buget Plan for 2010. We have $2,000.000.00 Dollars in buget. MRV's plan.

  • $7,898.16 for schools
  • $150,567.79 for health Care(4,789.79 covered by the US)
  • $10,000.00 for science

Yea-4 Nea-3(Michaela Bubbles,Nick Simth the second and Gerard Byrne)(Plan Rejected)

Plan 5.1:New Buget(proposed by Michaela Bubbles)

  • $200,000.00 for malls
  • $500,000.00 for small bisnisses
  • $69,999,99 for small bisnisses
  • $100,000,00 for schools.(Note: there is 45 middle schools, 10 High Schools, 1 College,Udaho University)
  • $100,000.00 From the US,Mexico,UK, and Canada.

Yea-5 Nea-2(Gerard Byrne and Nick Smith the second)

Plan 6: Change the national drink from Spirte to Coke(proposed by Fez Grimsley)

Yea-1(Fez Grimsley) Nea-6

Plan 6.1: Change the national drink from Sprite to Vitamin Water

Yea-4 Nea-3(Gerard Byrne, Olivia Olie, and Nick Smith the second)

Plan 7: Change the national food from bread to dumplings.(proposed by Michaela Bubbles)

Yea-6 Nea-1(Marcus Villanova)

Plan was vetoed by the President Marcus Villanova.

Plan 7.1 Change the national food to Dumplings and Apple Pie.

No vote needed since last vote.

Plan 8: Sucssor to the presidency no vote needed.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secratary of state
  4. Secratary of the People
  5. Secratary of Money and Finance
  6. Secratary of Domestic Affaris
  7. Secratary of Defense

Plan 9: To make the udaho national anthem the Udaho March(which is also a hiku)

We are Udaho

Green Pastures await you all

Love, Peace, joy, and life!

Yea-4 Nea-3(Michaela Bubbles,Nick Simth the second and Gerard Byrne)

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