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Udaho is a country of the coast of North America. Udaho was founded by Marcus Villanova, a famous Lovian, in late 2009. But in 2010 Marcus created its formal goverment.

Motto: Never to Fail
Anthem: Udaho March
Government: Democracy
Location: off the coast of North America and Alaska
Capital City In Udahoian County Udaho City
Population: 2879
Active Population About 2803 (the other few are scientists)
Date of foundation: Orginally 1820, later December 3rd 2009
Leadership: President Marcus Villanova
Language: English
Demonym: Udahoian
Currency: Udaho Dollar
National Food Dumplings and Apple Pie
National Drink Vitamin Water
National Animal Polar Bear
National Sport Rugby and Soccer
Website: Under Contruction


In 1820 a group of native Udahodians were noted as the first settlement of Udaho. The first people left the island for Cailforina, and the island was unhabited until 1987 when scientists discovered that the water around it contained very high zinc levels and camped out there. The scientist soon left and again was uninhabited. But in 2009 famous Lovian Marcus Villanova went to the island to re-inhabit it. So far the island is doing well. The island is about the size of Rhode Island, and has 2,879 people living in it.


Udaho is a Representative Democracy where each county elects one representative to congress and they vote on a issue. The law or bill then goes to the president and he either approves or vetoes the bill.

Political PartiesEdit


In a agreement in early 2010 with President Obama every right a US citizen has a Udaho citizen has. Udaho is the only country the US reconigzies as a person can be a dual citizen. Udaho has the same bill of rights to.

Congress make upEdit

On January 17th, 2010 Marcus appointed some of his freinds or scientists of the land to the first Udaho congress and other cabinet postions.


Since there was no congress the President appointed a balanced congress, but set a date for the elections:

President: April 3rd

Congress: March 31st


Like most nations Udaho was in a recssion and lost alot of money. In early 2010 Udaho marketed its Zinc meaning that scincetists had to pay to take zinc giving the country alot of money. Udaho is currently doing very well know compared to other nations.


Udaho was going to use the US dollar but that plan was shut down by there government. Here's how the Udaho dollar compares to other major nations-

  • US Dollar - 1 Udaho Dollar = 0.90 US Dollar
  • Euro - 1 Udaho Dollar = 1 Euro
  • Pound - 1 Udaho Dollar = 1.23 Pounds


As it says in the Udaho Consitution every right to practice any religion. Here are some major religions -

  • Christian/Any Catholic religion - 2,590 = 89.4%
  • Islam(any) - 180 = 6.9%
  • Other(Judism, None(atheism)) - 109 = 3.7%

Bills and Amendments passedEdit



This map shows population, county representative and other things.

Map of Udaho

Map of Udaho

Xyto County- a random word made into a county.

Udaho County- named after the country.

America County- named after its sister country.

Zinc County- named after Zinc the chemical in which scientists came to Udaho.

Udahoian County- named after the first Indians in the country.

Nova County- was the first county and named after Marcus Villanova.

Biden County- named after the vice president of the United Statesat the time it was officaly formed.

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